About Lynn

In 2008, my then-husband and I moved our four boys from a wealthy suburb of Indianapolis to the urban core. There are several reasons for this decision, some of which you can read about in this blog. A few years later, the husband is no longer with us in our urban home, but we press on in our corner of the world where adventures turn up around nearly every corner.
I’m incredibly grateful for our lives in our new urban dwelling. And to give you an idea about who I am, in general, here are a few of the other things I’m grateful for:
  • a God who loves me with a relentless love, and His Son Jesus who is all I need even when I don’t always believe it
  • the four  boys running around this house we call home
  • my kids’ school, a place filled with people striving for reconciliation among races, cultures and socioeconomic status
  • my friends with whom I feel blessed beyond words to share life
  • soul conversations
  • learning new things and rediscovering things I had long forgotten
  • mountains – climbing them, backpacking through them, skiing on them, breathing in the air around them, sitting in awe at the foot of them, feasting my eyes on the flowers randomly growing out of them, communing with God atop them
  • painting, mostly admiring true artists, but also experimenting with my own acrylics and watercolors
  • the family lake house, wakeboarding, tubing, skiing and jammin’ to summer tunes on the boat
  • hardy laughter, especially when you don’t even know what’s really THAT funny
  • a look into someone’s eyes that results in a moment of connected souls (and I don’t mean this just romantically; it can mean looking into a child’s eyes and trying to see what God has created in him/her)
  • spicy food, pizza, cake and candy, in no particular order
  • the charter school where I work, that just happens to be three blocks from our home
  • live theater or a great concert
  • dinner at Honga’s Lotus Petal in Telluride, Colo., followed by a slow perusal at Between the Covers (a book store, you filfthy-minded readers!)
  • the sound of the ocean waves hitting the shore
  • good books, especially ones by writers who dare to be honest and vulnerable (like Anne Lamott)
  • music of all kinds, but especially songs that stir and awaken my heart
  • writing
  • Young Life and their camps… especially Wilderness Ranch, near Creede, Colorado
  • Annie – yes, as in “Little Orphan” because she is a survivor who finds love in the most unpredictable and pure way… by refusing to let her hope die, by being true to herself and by filling another human being in a way that only she could do.
  • kids, teenagers particularly because they are caught between childhood and adulthood; I love watching the catharsis that occurs as they navigate life. On that note, here’s me with my childhood bestie, with whom I shared those treacherous teenage years. I’m the brunette.

3 thoughts on “About Lynn

  1. Great list. Wonderful writing.

  2. Hi Lynn — thanks for your post about Jitensha. I don’t think I got to meet you but you must have seen me at Harrison when we did the screening.

    I would be pleased to be in touch with you. If you want to connect you can find me on facebook or email me.

  3. Dennis Ray Kinder

    Please keep sharing as the snippets of your life you find so meaningful, inspire us all to look and strive for them as well!!
    Sunshine Ray

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