My Job Contract Should Have Come With a Warning Label

When I was handed my job contract as director of enrollment at a local high school, it should have come with a big, red WARNING stamped across each page.

The top ten warnings should have read:

1. Warning – You will no longer have only four children. You will gain at least 650 more.

2. Warning – You are not simply enrolling students into a school, you are admitting them into your life.

3. Warning – You will build relationships with said children, and with their parents, grandparents and siblings. They will entrust you with intimate details of their lives. Treat them with care.

4. Warning – When you leave the school campus, your job will not end.

5. Warning – Your private life may not be so private any more. You will see students at the grocery store, the mall, concerts, and even on vacation.

6. Warning – Because your son goes to this high school, you will have students entering your home from morning until evening. Some of them may set up semi-residence.

7. Warning – You will never sleep the same again. Students will infiltrate your dreams and wake you from worry-filled nightmares.

8. Warning – High school students will surprise you, disappoint you and exceed your expectations, often all in the same day.

9. Warning – When tragedy or disaster befalls one of these 650 students, your heart will break into a million tiny pieces.

10. Warning – There is no end to this role. You signed up for it. It will last a lifetime. Long after a student graduates, moves away or passes on, you will find their names engraved into your heart.Image

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3 thoughts on “My Job Contract Should Have Come With a Warning Label

  1. Beth Bates

    This is beautiful, Lynn. I am a big fan of the narrative list form, and you have nailed it here. And evoked tears from this crusty reader. 🙂

  2. I found your błog from the 4th frog. Beautifully written. Looking forward to read more of your posts!

  3. Scott Sorrells

    Last spring,I openly embraced Charlie going to Herron before I met anyone from the school. Since then it seems God has been tangible in every aspect of this journey. After having read this post tonight, for the first time, I am so at peace with our decision. Our son is at a place where he will be loved and taught in a unique and incredibly caring way. Lynn, thank you for the passion you have for these little ones.

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