I Ate an Eyeball. For Real.

Tonight, the remaining two House boys joined the “I ate a fish eye-ball” club. The hype had worn off a bit but they were proud nonetheless. The kids had all dispersed around the ranch and the adults sat around eating the trout straight from the grill. I had heard all the eyeballs were eaten but when I glanced to one of the fish coming off the grill, his eyes were still intact.

“Give me one of those eyeballs,” I heard myself say. “If all of my boys ate an eyeball, then I should eat one, too.” So, after a little digging, the eye popped out of the fish head and onto my palm. I have pictures to prove it but I can’t post them until I get home. I decided to swallow the whole eye rather than chew, as I had heard the boys say they were too chewy. My boys were not there to see their mom join the club, but I did have several witnesses whom I will call upon to testify if I am ever called a liar.

Oh the things we do for the love of our children.

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One thought on “I Ate an Eyeball. For Real.

  1. Eww! But I bet the boys will say it doesn’t count because they didn’t see it.

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