Why Is There a Salad Spinner Under My Bed?

Several years ago, while making dinner, I searched through cupboard after cupboard for my salad spinner. I had spinach I needed to spin dry and the spinner was nowhere to be found. Until the day I was looking for my other flip flop which I figured had been inadvertently pushed under the bed. I didn’t find the flip flop, but I did find the salad spinner.

“Why is the salad spinner under our bed?” I asked my husband.

“Who kno…,” he started as he was interrupted by a small voice from the room next door. “I was using it to scare the cat.” Oh, right, I thought. Makes perfect sense.

Since the days of the found salad spinner, I have often found basic household items in odd places. I’ve stopped asking why and just accepted that old phrase: boys will be boys. With four of them in my house, it’s bound to be an adventure.

As I opened the pool cover the other day, I saw something floating in the bottom of the shallow end. I pulled out the bike pump. I simply shrugged my shoulders and tossed the now rusty pump into the weed and trash pile of other items that were now too disgusting to salvage: former white socks, a castle project left out in the rain, a soccer cleat that had been buried under a pile of mulch (I could have saved it but I had long since thrown it’s match away since I couldn’t find the other one), half of a nerf football, a wheel to some unknown toy, and a fabric remnant from an old rocking chair.

Here are ten more random items found in random places:

  1. a pocketknife in my black flats (Thankfully, it was closed.)
  2. a book in the grill (It had not been burned, nor was it intended for that purpose. Apparently someone just forgot he put it there. That’s what he said.)
  3. the veggie steamer in the shower
  4. empty pistachio shells in the ice cube tray
  5. dirt from Eli’s shoe in a bowl in the refrigerator (he didn’t want this special vacation dirt to “go bad.”)
  6. a bottle of Axe in the microwave (Thank God I saw this one being placed in said microwave, or I may not be here to write this today.)
  7. several sizes of sticks in the washer (“We wanted to see what it sounded like.”)
  8. a wooden rocking horse’s head on my pillow with the covers pulled up (The Godfather, perhaps?)
  9. a camera tripod in the neighbors yard, along with several dominoes (“We were using them to try and hit the icicles off the neighbors roof.”)
  10. and my very favorite… you will have to read my next blog post to find out. It’s a good one. I promise.

If you have stories to share, leave a comment, I would love to know that my kids aren’t the only crazy.. uh, I mean, creative ones out there.

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One thought on “Why Is There a Salad Spinner Under My Bed?

  1. Last year, when Noah was 2, he decided that Daddy didn’t need his cell phone anymore.

    After months of searching, & even filing a police report b/c our bill proved to us that *someone* stole it & had racked up some MAJOR charges, did we discover that Noah must’ve thrown it in the garbage, only to be found by a “this is my lucky day” dump worker who decided to dig up the phone that was headed to it’s final resting place amidst 1000 pounds of landfill garbage, and give our phone to his daughter, living somewhere in southern IN, as a gift! LoL

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