Mother’s Day Dread

I love Mother’s Day. Rather, I loved Mother’s Day. My tradition, in the past, was to have brunch with my immediate family, my mom and dad, and my brothers and their families. After brunch, I would go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and peruse the art for about an hour. Then I would take my little camping chair and plant myself in a garden for hours, writing in my journal and gazing at the beautiful grounds.

Now as a single mom, I knew I woudn’t have that luxury, so I faced this day with a feeling of dread. My extended family had already celebrated Mother’s Day a few weeks ago since my parents would be out of town today. It was a lovely day with the typical family stories, good food and sweet gifts exchanged. But today, well… today is different.

Like most things I fear, the reality  is never quite as bad as the thought. Today I slept until 10. When I opened my eyes, my 11-year-old was standing next to me with a notepad in his hands reading me the daily breakfast specials. His 9-year-old brother was standing next to him with a homemade card and a store-bought card each of the boys had signed. When I received my delicious brown sugar and cinnamon pop-tart (one of the specials) and my glass of milk, my 7-year-old came in with two more homemade cards. Such sweetness made the dread slip right out of my body. Instead of doom and gloom, I felt joy and gratefulness.

I wish the 13-year-old was present, but the x-box game he was playing trumped my breakfast in bed. I forgave him. But not without using the Mother’s Day guilt trip to get him to do all sorts of things around the house.

My husband is now here, installing the boys air conditioning units in their bedrooms. In a 110-year-old house, even one that’s been rehabbed, the upstairs doesn’t get the nice cool air pumped in as well as it does downstairs. So, he showed up to put the units in and clean the freezing cold pool. Another nice Mother’s Day surprise.

I’m finding that every “first” is difficult in this new life of an almost divorced woman, like this first Mother’s Day on my own. But I’m thankful that there will never be another first Mother’s Day as a singe mom again.

Now, I’m off to create a new Mother’s Day tradition… grabbing my four mop-headed boys and heading to Butler University for a little family game of baseball. Go Team MOM.

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7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Dread

  1. Laura Holden

    Sounds like your hiatus of not writing is over, and you are on the mend. Congrats on getting thru one of many firsts. You have handled this like a champ and will continue to do so I am sure.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Daniel

    I did the exact same breakfast in bed thing for Mother’s Day with my brother when we were kids, seems like it got cut short early though. I’m glad your day had a good start 🙂

  3. 4 adorable boys and brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts. How can the day not go well? New realities bring new fears, but also new joys. Glad you were able to face the first and find the second.

  4. I LOVE to see you writing again, friend!!! I imagine that the “firsts” will be tough. But I know that you will face them with strength and beauty, as I’ve seen you face quite a few things this past year. Love you dearly, S.

  5. The firsts are always the toughest…but it does get easier…I promise!

  6. Julie McElwee

    this made me cry….and laugh!

  7. Marla

    my mother’s day was kinda sad and pathetic, I think you rated better:) some days are good, some days not so much.

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