Paralysis Analysis

How do you start a blog post after a three-month hiatus? How do you come back to your reader and explain the absence? How do you start to explain the absolute paralysis you felt during those three months? I have no idea.

I have stared at this blank screen on and off for an hour. All I know is that I must write again. And I must write honestly. Yet every time I start to type, I feel my hands freeze at the thought of my impending disclosure. Some of you won’t be surprised. Others will be shocked. So.. here it goes…

My husband and I are getting a divorce.

Phew!  I said it. I put it out there. Once I press “publish,” there’s no turning back. Of course, I could delete the post, but I probably won’t. In future posts, which I hope will be a bit more regular now that I am feeling like I exist in the land of the living again, I will probably disclose a little more. However, these disclosures will NOT be inflammatory or hurtful to my husband. He is still my husband for now, and even as my ex-husband I will choose to be respectful. I will tell my side of the story and at times I may allude to his part in things but my hope is that I can talk honestly and openly about how this has affected me without being distasteful.

All that said, I am now starting to feel. Thus, I am now writing. It feels good to be back. To break the ice. To let my readers know that I am still on this journey of life with all it’s messiness and beauty. I’ll write again soon. Hope you’ll stay tuned, as well.

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7 thoughts on “Paralysis Analysis

  1. Cara

    Ah Lynn. You are such a brave, brave woman. Well done. And…I’m so sorry.

  2. Tracy

    I love you! I missed you! Glad you’re back and the next one will be WAY easier…
    You are breathing again. This is good. 🙂

  3. Jenn

    I am glad you are able to start writing again, I know it will be a key to your healing, strength and your ability to be such an awesome mom to your boys.

    Just breathe, smile, and cry when you need to. You have an amazing circle of people around you!

    One day, one step, one breath a time! 🙂

  4. Have been trying to write the same post on my blog for months now. Haven’t quite figured out how to put it into words myself.

  5. Have been trying to write the same post on my blog for months now. Haven’t figured out the words to say yet. Yours was well put though.

  6. Feeling, while painful sometimes, is good. As is having you back in the blogosphere. You were missed.

  7. Kate

    Oh, Lynn, my prayers are with you!!

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