Sometimes When I…

Tonight I’m tired so I decided to do a little free-verse writing.


Sometimes when I…

-write, words do not express the depth of my feelings

-look at my children, I pray they’ll know how deeply they are loved

-see my husband, I’m reminded of why I fell in love with him

-sleep, I have such wacky dreams I wonder if I’ve gone crazy

– find a letter from an old friend, I realize how much I miss her

-lay awake at night, I ask God who he wants me to pray for

-am sad, I can’t cry no matter how hard I try

-am sad, I cry so hard I wonder if I’ll ever be able to stop

-laugh, I let out an embarrassingly loud cackle

-walk, I look like an ostrich

-look in the mirror, I see new wrinkles

-try to straighten my hair, I wonder why I bother

-like myself, I walk with a skip in my step

-hate myself, I hang my head

-gain new insight, I want to shout it to the world

-read, I have to make myself stop so I can get some sleep

-I get  crabby, I make myself take a nap

-fight with someone, I realize I’m wrong but still don’t quit arguing 

-feel passionate, I wonder if my heart might explode

-obsess about people or things, I have to ask God to release me from the bondage

-make bad choices, I am so grateful that God loves me know matter what

-trust Jesus, my life goes so much better than I ever expected

-am tired, I need to stop writing on my blog so I can go to bed.

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One thought on “Sometimes When I…

  1. Christina Hunter

    lynn: i love your free verse writing here, it was suprisingly true for myslef also, although i hadnt really taken the time to notice, thanks for bringing it to my attention and for your writing…..true as always!! thank you for what you do!!!

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