Is this manipulation?

I told my mom about a book I’m writing. It’s non-fiction, a bit of a memoir, I tell her. I assure her that I’ll change names to protect the innocent. She said she wanted a nice name. I laughed and told her it might be obvious that I was talking about her when I said, “My mother… ” even if I changed her name to Kathryn or Josephine.

Somewhere in this conversation, my mom decided to ask me if she had ever told me what my grandma said about me before she died.

“She was lying on the couch, watching you play,” my mom started, “and then she said, ‘She’s so sweet.'” My mom emphasized the word sweet. “That was one of the last things I ever heard her say.”

WHAT?!! I had never heard this story before. Granted, I was only four and it may have just slipped my mom’s mind over the last 30+ years. But, I find it very interesting that she decided to bring this whole ‘she’s so sweet’ information when I am writing a book about my life which will, of course, include stories about my parents. And as most parents who are honest will attest, they have screwed up a little along the way. My parents are awesome and I am more than blessed to have them as my mom and dad. But no child would be complete if their parents hadn’t emotionally scarred them for one reason or another. For me, the stories range from lying about my cat, who did not run away after all, to the time my dad believed an acquaintance’s word over mine.

So as I write my little book, my mom may need to remind me that I am sweet. Remember that, Lynn. You are sweet. After all, these were among your dear grandmother’s last words. And you wouldn’t want to question her words, would you? Hmmm, me question?

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One thought on “Is this manipulation?

  1. I’ve never met your mom, but I like the way she thinks!

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