Twelve Ways to Tell If You Are Crazy

There are many reasons why my kids call me crazy. Here are the top twelve reasons I know I’m crazy. I’ve offered my list as a checklist for the rest of you….

1. You have more than one child

2. You ask where your cell phone is while you’re talking on it

3. You have a special place for your keys and you know you put them there every time you come home, but they still are NOT there

4. You cry when you watch your child watching Buzz Lightyear at Ice Capades

5. You think it is a good idea to let your kids rummage through the 100 year old crawlspace and bring up a dead rat they found

6. You buy a long blonde wig and dance around like Brittany Spears on crack

7. You call your children “Crackers”

8. You go around the house looking for the Mod Podge, saying “Where’s my Mod Podge?” repeatedly until one of the children shouts, “Someone find her Mod Podge, PLEASE… what’s Mod Podge?”

9. You let your son go to a friend’s house to play airsoft war, where they shoot each other (only with eye protection on) and think it sounds really fun

10. You take your four children, and their friends, on a camping trip without your husband

11. You buy a dog who turns psycho, have to give him up and less than a year later you buy another psycho dog that you have to give up, and you still find yourself dreaming of dogs while you peruse

12. You start sentences with, “Today on Clifford, T-Bone was feeling left out and…” as you try to relate to a friend’s sadness.

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3 thoughts on “Twelve Ways to Tell If You Are Crazy

  1. Leslie B.

    I’m laughing and relating…guess you’re not alone!

  2. yep…you’re crazy!!

  3. 1, 3, 4 (if you substitute Big Bird for Buzz), and 11. Check. You might want to seek professional help for #6!

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