Feeling Frozen

I’ve looked at this blank screen for days now, wanting to find something to write. Nothing comes. I read and hope something will spark my imagination. I look at art, other blogs, and read more news articles and books. So much is happening around me. From the violence in Gaza to a family vacation, it’s not as if the world is sitting still. There’s so much to talk about. But I can’t find the words.

I sit here frozen. Searching for something interesting to say. Frozen. My thoughts will not thaw enough to form a coherent sentence, let alone a paragraph. I want to write something profound. Something funny. Something maybe just a little interesting or thought provoking. Anything.

So I do this. I write about anything. I even write about feeling frozen, hoping the discipline to put my frustration into words will somehow free me to write again.

If I were to write, here are some subjects I would love to tackle:

Kathleen Norris’ book on Acedia (I think that’s the term)

Gaza and my confusion over what to make of it

Skiing with my boys and not with my husband b/c of his MS – both the joy of seeing the boys ski and the grief that happens every time I click my boots into my skis and say “I’ll see you later ” to my husband.

The lonliness i’ve felt the last couple of days ironically after I have just had great familiy and friend time

Feeling like a loser for letting friends down

Routine and how it bores me silly

The joy of the Lord and what that means

So there are a few things I may write about… or I may not. All I know is that I’m hoping the deep freeze won’t last long. I can’t move under all these layers I have put on as a result of the chill.

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7 thoughts on “Feeling Frozen

  1. Tom

    Even when you write about nothing, you do it well. You sound like you might be a tad hard on yourself. I think writing is like exercise. You have broken the routine of not writing so the next time it won’t be so hard to get started. I’m reading a non fiction book titled ‘The tipping point’. It is well written and about stuff I normally don’t think about. Each little snippet of reading (because I don’t have time for big gulps) makes me think about people around me. The best way for me to get out of my self is to help others, reading a good book or a cultural activity is the second best way.
    Sometimes I get sick of my own complaining about stuff, even if I don’t open my mouth and say it out loud. Scott W. says that the things we complain the most about are the character defects we are most reluctant to allow God to remove. T

    • lynnhouse

      Thanks for the comments on feeling frozen. I do need to just keep writing. totally true about the defects that we don’t want to really change… Mine would have something to do with sloth, I’m sure.

  2. Bret

    At least your still feeling!

    • lynnhouse

      Tru Dat, Honey!
      How’s that for a short reply. Trying to be more like you!

  3. I have a handful of starts — things that I think I want to write about, but that I don’t think I have enough (intelligent) to say about. So I start them and file them away to be filled out and polished another day.

    I figure about 20% of what I put on my blog is good writing. The rest is just an exercise to keep on swimming.

    • lynnhouse

      As Dori says, “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.” All good quotes come from kid films.
      Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Tom

    I just re-read my first reply. It sounds to me like I was complaining about complaining!

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