The Mountains Are Calling

There’s a John Muir quote I love: “The mountains are calling and I must go.” 

Every year the mountains call me. And every year I go. Usually in the winter but I love the summers just as much. This summer I spent several days in the Tetons and loved just about every minute of the breathtaking scenery. (The minutes I didn’t love usually included a whining child I was trying to ignore, or a cloud cover that wouldn’t lift for two days straight.)

When the first snow falls, as it did today, i find myself longing for my favorite ski town. I long for the utopian environment of that ski town with its friendly people, fabulous dining and unbelievable views from atop my favorite runs.

Yes, Telluride is the places dreams are made of. So today as the big flakes hit my dining room window I imagined myself there, walking down Colorado Street, ducking into “Between the Covers” for a perusal of the latest books, or into “Two Skirts” where I would see what’s on sale. Then I’d hit Zia Sun to see what toys the kids may like. By then I would need a pick-me-up so I would venture over to the “The Steaming Bean” for a cup of joe while I write in my journal. Or better yet, I would take the gondola up to Mountain Village and sit in the lobby of the Peaks or if it’s not too cold, I would sit outside by the fire pit and write a poem.

The next day I would be so eager to get on the slopes again that I would gear up before leaving the room for breakfast. Thinking about it nearly makes me foam at the mouth. Thankfully, or maybe not so thankfully (I’m not sure yet), I have friends going to Telluride this month. I am jealous but as I get used to the idea that they will be there –  and I will not – I find myself wanting to hear all about their trip… where they plan on staying, what they plan on doing, where they plan on eating. I even asked one of them to send me a picture from the slopes. 

While it’s not as good as being there, I am excited that my friends get to experience this magical town. And I will always have memories, along with the hope of being there again someday in the future. Until then, I have my pictures and my imagination to help me with my longing.telli-ski

Coming down Telluride Trail where the town looks teeny tiny and the views from every turn are


Right: The Colorado sky takes my breath away every time.prospect-bowl












The look on my face is a bit weird, like I forgot how to smile, but believe me I AM happy. I’m in the town I love just chillaxin’ with my homeboy.

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3 thoughts on “The Mountains Are Calling

  1. You said “Tetons.” 🙂

  2. I did. And I’m not at all embarrassed…. well, maybe a little.

  3. Tom

    There are a couple of trails in Vail with a view like that. It has been so long since I pushed some snow around. I am supposed to say carved some turns but I know better. Dale and I used to ski out there. He lived there after college for a while and I visited. There were a couple of terms used to describe people like me. “Tourist” or “Flatlander”
    Neither one was very nice.

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