A Date With Nostalgia

By nature I am a nostalgic person. I save everything. Tonight I was trying to downsize my “keepsakes” box and as usual, I found myself caught up in the memories of each item. I read notes I have saved all the way back to childhood. 

I have a separate box for letters and things from my husband and kids, but the box I sorted tonight contained everything from my baptism candle (I was baptised as a baby.) to the program from my 4th grade musical to the booklet from my best friend’s mom’s funeral when I was only 13.

One of the best notes I found, however, was simply signed, “ME.” I do not know who “ME” is exactly but I have my assumptions. After typing the letter out here, I am sure my husband is going to claim it is him. I know it is not. I will not say who I think wrote this, in case I am wrong… but one thing is for sure, whoever wrote this knew the way to a woman’s heart. It says:


I wish someday, even if we hardly speak anymore, I could capture you for a while. I would take you to Greece, Rome, Tahiti, Paris, all the beautiful places in this world. Of course, I can’t forget the mountains. After that trip was through, I don’t believe that all of these places put together even compares to what a wonderfully, beautiful person you are! I MEAN THAT!!

Please take care of yourself while climbing those mountains. I am positive I won’t go an hour a day without thinking of you. I MEAN THAT!!!

I love you, Lynn, even if someday it’s for the fact that you’ve been a best friend. I’ll always love you for that. Be safe.



Wow. What can you say to that? Isn’t that what we all want to hear? It has the pursuit – he’s going to capture me. It has the romance – he calls me beautiful. It has the adventure – he’s going to take me places. It has freedom – he says even if we hardly speak anymore, as if he doesn’t know the future. And it has tenderness – we are friends forever. Sad thing is that I don’t know who this friend forever is. Whoever it is, I am pretty sure we’re not friends today. That doesn’t mean that I have forgotten my old boyfriends. In fact, I told my husband one time that I always had nice boyfriends (except for one psycho guy in college). I thought he would appreciate knowing that I had been loved well, and that I had good taste. He didn’t see it that way. He actually told me I had five more minutes to reminisce about old boyfriends and then I needed to be done. I suppose I wouldn’t have been amused at his recollections either.

Yet tonight I claim the same thing – that I had nice boyfriends. That doesn’t mean I wish for them now, but as I reminisced I was filled with gratefulness for these people who graced my life with tenderness and love and who prepared me for what I wanted out of a relationship with my husband. As one person I know used to say, those were the John the Baptist relationships – preparing the way for what was yet to come. So thank you, “ME.” Thank you for caring so deeply about me and for knowing what a girl longs to hear. I am so blessed to have known love like that in my past and in my present. I am confident I will continue to know it into my future as well.

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