I Need a Light

It’s getting dark outside. Tis the season for gray skies and shorter days. I’m trying not to get all depressed and funky like I was starting to get this time last year. As my brother-in-law commented to his wife last year, “I think Lynn is losing it.” He had no idea.

This year, I’m thinking about getting a light. One of those light boxes to help with seasonal-affective disorder. I’m not sure I have the true diagnosis, but since I am a medical expert by default (married to a medical professional), I would say I suffer from SAD. And seriously, before someone labeled the disorder, could they have checked on the acronym, first? SAD… oh, that’s really funny. That’s like me naming my child Ursula Grace or David Ulysses. Imagine the kids on the playground, “Hey UGH, you’re so disgusting…” or, “Hey DUH, did your parents just know you were going to be so stupid?”

Wow. That was a total ADD moment. Apparently attention deficit order is just as rampant in the fall and winter as it is in spring and summer.

Back to the point. Needing a light. I’m going to try it. And for all who take the time to read this blog, you will thank me. I’m hoping I will be much more cheery and hopeful, rather than doom and gloom and whoa is me.

I know of two friends, in particular, who will thank me. These are friends who, of course, do not understand depression or sadness. In the last couple of weeks while I have been sad over situations in my life, they have told me to be happy. Smile. Look at the bright side. Whatever. I even have a picture for them doing my best “whatever” sign. It’s not like I can just get over it. I am a complicated human being, thank you very much.

whateverBut actually, I am going to start looking on the bright side, as soon as I get my magical light. I am not discounting all the other things that help – like prayer, and support of friends, and some good drugs, but even with these things, I have struggled when the days turn dark and gray. Not to mention the fact that my four young children do not get outside nearly as much, which creates a very loud home.

So I’ll try the light. And I will keep you posted (pun, intended), although you’ll most likely be able to tell if my happy light is working. Now I must google for my light box and dream of brighter days.

Here’s to your sister-in-law not losing it, Chris!

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4 thoughts on “I Need a Light

  1. Tom

    I can get depressed with the best of ’em. Tried the light, was disappointed, gave it somebody. Have found exercise, antidepressants and recovery to work very well. Of course, there is always committing myself. oops I mean committing myself to helping other people. That type of service always grounds me to how truly lucky I really am.

  2. Leslie B.

    You disappeared from fb…or just from my list. Wanted to make sure you’re OK. This post sort of explains it. Call or email if you want to vent.

  3. lynnhouse

    Thanks, Tom. I just said that today. I need to be helping others again. I have been stuck in my own stuff for far too long and there are way too many excuses to hold me back but they’re just that – excuses. I remember you saying this before… that when you were focused on helping your friend, you didn’t go through the SAD like before. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Susan H.

    Hey Lynnie-Lynn,

    From one SAD sufferer to another (and yes, it sounds like you have it!), I have to say that my light box really has helped me, though it is no magical cure. I’ve had it for about 12 years, and it brings my mood in the winter up from about a 4.5 to around a 7 on a ten point scale. So I’m not the brightest, chipper self that I am in the summer, but I am markedly better when I use it every morning. I put it in my bathroom where I have it on while I do my morning routine, so it doesn’t take any extra time out of my day…

    I hope it helps!!! Beyond that, I do things to try to make a cozy atmosphere (lots of fires, candles, incense, music) and think I’ll try going somewhere HOT this winter too, to get a sun blast to tide me through!! Good luck…and let me know what works for you.

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