A Gnome Under Our Home

I will not win any parent-of-the-year awards with this story. Right now, three out of my four boys are in our crawl space. We live in a 108-year-old home. For some reason they thought it would be fun to dress in long pants, long sleeves, gloves, hats, etc. and crawl into that dark space under our home. 

Off they went down into the cellar to access the very creepy, very dark, very dirty space. I was sure they would stop once they got into it a little bit. But right now I hear them saying such things:

“Uh, don’t touch this.”

“What is that wire?”

“You can’t leave, you’re holding the flashlight.”

And then, my favorite, “Mom, there’s a dead rat under here.” Lovely.

This is one of those times that mothering boys is tricky business. Do I let them go? Do I tell them that it’s too dirty, too dangerous, too WEIRD? Or do I let them explore a place that most kids don’t even WANT to go and see what they can find? I chose the latter. I can hear them through the vents, clear as the train whistles in the nighttime.

Just to mix things up, I hollered down through the vent in my scariest voice, “I am the gnome living under your home. Who disrupts my sleep?”

“Who is that?” They yelled.

“The gnome under your home.”

“Is that dad?”

“Your dad is at work. I heard him leave this morning.”

“Dad. Come on.”

“I am not your dad. I am just a gnome…”

and they finished the sentence…. “living under our home.”

So the gnome is born. I feel a family story coming on. Every once in a while, we’ll take an idea and create a story with everyone’s input. I’m eager to see what stories may derive from this new character in our lives.

My boys have now arisen to ground level and are as filthy as filthy can be. A couple coughing spells have ensued, too, which certainly is a strike against me in any parenting contest. So save the “that is so dangerous”, or “think about what they could be inhaling” e-mails or comments. I know. But we all need to live a little. I often take the lead from my little adventurers. But not today, and especially not when there’s a dead rat involved. I’d rather find out more about the gnome. We’ll keep you posted.

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3 thoughts on “A Gnome Under Our Home

  1. There is definitely a reason God picked you to be the mother of 4 boys. And you can sit next to me in the “guilty” section when they give out the “mother of the year” awards to all the boring moms.

  2. Tom

    Sounds like some stuff I did as a boy. My mom always said boys have to eat some dirt to grow up. She had 4 boys too…. When I came home dirty from doing some boy stuff, she never scolded me for ruining my play clothes. My play clothes were designed to be ruined. Thats why they were called play clothes. Cool crawl space. Now they know what’s down there. They may, after some time, return to revisit that spot. But it is a sacred memory now, part of the lore they will tell their kids. The first visit, with their brothers, will have been the best. Good job Mom

  3. You are an AWESOME mom and a fun mom. Pretty much anytime i need to laugh I’m going to think of you using your scary voice, saying you are the gnome who lives under your home, and imagining your boys faces.

    You inspire me every day and i’m glad you’re living closer so we can randomly run into each other more often! gelato? coffee?

    much love,

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