Too much Facebook

I’ll admit it, I’ve neglected my blog for Facebook. I’m totally addicted. It’s my thing. It’s my check-out time. Instead of sitting in front of the T.V. with the remote, I sit in front of the computer with my finger on the mouse.

So in order to make up for lost time, I plan on posting a few things right in a row. This first one is simple. It’s about another of my many embarrassing moments. Which one, you ask? The only one I’m willing to share right now.

So I’m standing in my son’s kindergarten classroom, waiting for him to get settled and another mom starts chatting. She tells me that it’s a small world because she has figured out that she is friends with one of my best friend’s friends and that we know some other mutual friends. I ask her her maiden name. She says, “Bradshaw.” I say: “Oh yeah… I remember your name from tennis. What’s your first name again?” (Her family is new to the school this year and I had just recently met her in the hallway.) Before she could tell me her first name, it came to me. “Oh yeah, Carrie, right? Yeah, Carrie Bradshaw. I totally remember your name. Yeah, Carrie Bradshaw. We both played Tournament Players at North Central in the summers, right? And you have siblings that played, too. I remember.”  As I’m jabbering away in a total one-sided ‘conversation’… I realize she is trying to interrupt me. “What’s that?” I ask.

“Cathy. My name is Cathy.”

“Ohmygosh, I’m sorry. I was just going on and on about that. But wait. Who is Carrie Bradshaw then? I totally know a Carrie Bradshaw. Hmmm…”

Cathy smiles, and then my brain rebooted.

“Oh. How. Embarrassing. Carrie Bradshaw is the main character from “Sex and the City”, right?

“Yeah, I think so,” Cathy says, still smiling.

“Well, I totally don’t even watch that show. I mean, I’ve seen it… or I mean parts of it… like twice or something.” (At this point, I not only prove that I am a nut, but I am sure she thinks I am a liar. But it’s true. I have never watched a whole episode and I didn’t just say that because I ‘m standing in a Christian school, in the kindergarten classroom no less. I really have not seen it, but it sounds so pathetic.)

So my new friend Cathy goes over to kiss her son goodbye, and probably whispered something in his ear about staying away from that “House boy” over there because his mom is a total whack job. In the meantime, I try to pull myself together, wanting to call my friend who DOES watch “Sex and the City”, who I am sure will laugh hysterically when I tell her of my foolishness. But for now, I have to play kindergarten substitute teacher and get myself together.

I did call my friend. And she did laugh. And I’m sure it won’t be the last time I call her with a story like this one. And I’m sure it won’t be the last time she laughs at me. But what are good friends for, right?

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One thought on “Too much Facebook

  1. PLEASE. Forsake Facebook. I beseech you.

    I’m the lone voice calling out in the wilderness, I know. Your stories are too good not to be written for the web at large.

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