I am at peace. Whenever I am at the lake, I find serenity.

When my husband was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and we were scared to death that the diagnosis would ruin our lives, I found peace at the water’s edge. When my dad was in the hospital all last summer, our family still found a few days to find respite at the lakehouse. And when the stress of life in general makes my head ache with all the tension, a day floating on a raft or in the boat can wash it all away, if even for a bit.

Here are some recent pictures of a place I love. Grandview Lake.

Noah loves to drive. Don’t tell the lake patrol. (I’m always behind him ready at a moment’s notice.)

Look at the smiles on our boys’ faces.

Heidi and I laughed when she was taking the sunset pictures from the boat b/c it looks so peaceful. But what  you can’t “see” in the picture are our boys wrestling and pushing and turning up the total headbanger music full blast.

Oh, and those are hot dogs that Eli is putting on the hook for baiting the king catfish that lives under our dock.

Look how cute Will and Jaden are as they await their first tubing experience together! Yee haw.

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