Slumber Party with the Fam

My friend Misty fell in love with a man who lives in California. That man fell in love with Misty, who lives in Indiana. Misty and her California man, Steve, got married. Now they live part-time in California, where Steve works, and part-time in Indiana where Misty is able to parent her boys and be near her family and friends. Someday, they trust their blended families will live under only one roof.

Living this life is not easy, but they make it work and they are committed to staying connected. Each morning, they do a little ichat with their i-cams so they can see each other and the boys can see Steve.

During a recent sleepover – Misty and her three boys, me and my four boys and our friend Kristin and her son – were able to chat with Steve. Here are some of the pictures from our conversation. Because Steve understands his audience, he does many things to entertain the crowd. So, he puts stickers all over his face, makes up stories using cut-outs of himself that he calls the “Stevinator” and the Something Else I can’t remember. As you can tell from the kids faces, he was quite amusing. All of this after a fabulous breakfast Misty made for all of us. I got a kick out of the scene I encountered when I came down the stairs to join everyone.

I learn a lot from my friends, including these friends who teach me what it means to be intentional in marriage – whether we live in the same house all of the time or part of the time. They teach me what it means to keep working out conflict rather than walking away or shutting down. They teach me what it means to balance the serious and the funny. Most of all, they teach me that life is hard for all sorts of reasons and we can either pout about it and become miserable, or we can make the best with what we have and ask God to help us find not only contentment but joy in this life – the life God has given us.

How many Houses can fit in this room? Five, thank you very much!

Breakfast for the masses.

Super cute brothers.

The breakfast bunch.

Sticker Steve

Like Father, Like Son.

The Stevinator and his friend during an earthquake… one of Steve’s many tricks.

The audience is captivated.

Look what I found on the mantle. A beautiful portrait of Misty and her baby.

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One thought on “Slumber Party with the Fam

  1. Misty

    Fun pix, sister. I love reading your story here – It was a happenin’ party ;0) Love you, lady!

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