MVP Grand Opening

For two hours I was banned from the basement. Fine with me. While my boys busied themselves with something top-secret, I had the luxury of sitting on the dock to read and take a catnap. When I was invited to the basement, I was given a menu with several drinks and snacks listed.

“Welcome to MVP,” One said.

“This is our Grand Opening,” said Another, as the boys gathered near a ribbon they had tied around posts near the bar area. “Would you like to watch our ribbon cutting ceremony?”

“Sure, it would be an honor.”

Then the boys ran through the ribbon instead of actually cutting it. I was given my drink and some food and when they asked me to pay, Another said, “No, no, you don’t have to pay. It’s our opening day so everything is free.”

My kind of business. Then the festivities began. There were scooter races, mud molding (they even showed me what the end products look like when the mud has dried) and Nerf gun shooting with one of their Automatic Nerf guns. After we ate, drank and played I headed upstairs to check on one of my boys who wanted to go kayaking again.

After a day filled with restaurant openings, tubing and kayaking with my little guys, I am beat. The daylight savings time is killing me. As much as I try to get them all to bed at a decent hour, it seems we can’t make it earlier than 10:30.

But rather than complain, I am counting my blessings. I have a lakehouse retreat for my boys and me, while our house is put on the market, thus, cutting down on the chances that they’ll mess up the house. And, it’s summertime, when we CAN stay up late or pick up and do something spontaneous like the slumber party we had at our friend, Misty’s house. More on that later. Right now, I have to break up the argument b/w two of the MVP owners. Seems they can’t figure out who needs to clean what. I think they’re going to need me to be their manager. Just one more job a mom can do.

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