Summer Concerts at the Gazebo

Every town has one. A summer concert series. Ours happens to take place at the gazebo, next to a huge fountain, by our local government buildings. A beautiful lawn surrounded by Georgian architecture. I couldn’t tell you who played tonight, what they looked like or how many people were in the band. I do know they were playing swing music and there were plenty of people dancing.

What kept me from seeing the band was mainly due to my position on the lawn. Backed turned to the gazebo, I spent most of my time watching 11 children darting here and there (and 1 adorable 6 week old baby) while trying to carry on some semblance of conversation during the evening with the other families we joined there. If I wasn’t sitting I was taking pictures of our kids running and playing.

Another reason to love summer. Barefoot in the park. Running, catching and tackling kids. Finding random items in the grass (Lucky me and my friend Misty who got to see intestines of some animal in the lawn where our boys played a game of football!). And music.

My friend Heidi was looking at our Wyoming pictures the other day. I had set it as a slideshow with music, and she said, “Everything is better set to music.” I totally agree. Music evokes so much emotion for me. Tonight it wasn’t necessarily the type of music but the fact that it was there, almost like background music choreographed to our life with kids in full “swing.”

The pictures below:

The Mamas

Our spread. At one point Sophia (in pink) asked Bret what his favorite color was. When he answered “purple”, she said, “That’s a funny color for a daddy.” Bret tried to convince us that it didn’t affect his masculinity, but the next time I tuned in to their conversation, I heard Bret telling Sophia, “…and Kings were purple and…”

Apparently, the other Sophia (in the white hat) fell backwards in her little blue chair and couldn’t get up. The nice people beside us helped her since we were clearly not paying attention to the little girl struggling like a bug on it’s back.

Solomon and Misty by the fountain. The constant challenge for every parent with a toddler: How do you keep them OUT?

Solomon decides he’d rather have his own tunes on his little ipod. So funny!

Bret with Kristin’s son Josiah, who calls Bret, “The Man.” (At first I put Bret AND Kristin’s son, Josiah… oops, that’s a bit misleading and scandalous. The power one little word has, huh?)

Our boys make fast friends after they meet for the first time and quickly form their own football team to challenge other kids at the concert.

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