Another Addiction

That’s right, another addiction. I am powerless over Facebook and my life has become unmanageble.

I’m just waiting for Facebook Anonymous to start up somewhere b/c I think I need help. As you can imagine, the laundry generated from11 days out West, especially that of four little boys, is immense. Not to mention that we were planning on putting our house on the market on Friday, only to find out we have a leaky roof that needs to be fixed. In other words, there’s lots of work that needs to be finished in this ol’ house.

The plan was to come home, do the laundry in a snap, do a bit of last minute staging and head down to the lake for some summer sun and fun. But that plan went to Hades in a handbasket. So we make more lists. We make more phone calls. We make more plans.

And what do I do? I get on Facebook. And I search for friends. And friends of friends. And friends of friends of friends. It’s crazy. Before I know it, I’ve been online looking at people’s pictures and profiles for two hours.

Today at church, the message was about fasting from unhealthy dependencies, in other words – addictions. It was one of those creepy Has-the-pastor-been-spying-on-me sort of sermons. So tomorrow I’ve decided if I really, truly believe that God is enough, I will fast from Facebook. All day. Of course, part of the sermon was about not telling the whole world that you’re fasting. Geesh, let me work on one thing at a time, Okay? Pride is a whole other monster to deal with.

Oh, and by the way, if you want to be my friend on Facebook, I welcome you. It was sort of embarrassing to have something like 2 friends at first. I think I’m up to 11 now. But I can’t confirm you as my friend until after the “you-know-what” is over. I’ll look for you on Tuesday.

As for another addiction, here are some totally adorable pix of one of my guys with his little cousin that I had to share, along with some more of Wyoming. (I’ve heard people say I have a bright smile, but that is a bit much, don’t you think?)

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2 thoughts on “Another Addiction

  1. Misty

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

    see you there, sister!

  2. Nichole

    I need to join Facebook Anonymous with you! Mary Jo set up my account last winter, and now it drives her crazy that I’m on it as much as she is!

    And you can never have too many pictures…

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