Back home again in Indiana

Sometimes I wonder why we live in Indiana? After spending 11 days out west, this notion is stronger than ever. The mountains and the history and culture out west breathe life in me. I have churned these questions over and over in my head: How can we live out here and build community anew? How can we stay connected to friends and family when we leave our roots? Could we live out here for the summers? Where would the kids go to school? Is it all romanticized or could this really happen? Would I be too lonely? Would our kids be too lonely? Is it worth the sacrifice of leaving friends, family and familiarity?

That last one grips me. I love my friends and family. I love having the community I have here but I love the west. This last week taught me so much and I will write about that later. But for now, here are a few more pix for you to enjoy.

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One thought on “Back home again in Indiana

  1. Man, I know I’ll get lynched by all your family and friends for saying this, but… life’s too short to worry about that stuff. People live out west, right? That means kids have gone to school out west before. Yours will likely be able to, as well. And don’t think of it as “leaving your family” so much as “giving them a KILLER vacation destination.”

    I say, if you and your husband are in line, go. See what life has to offer you.

    Love the buffalo, by the way…

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