SNOW in June?

Excuse me, but is this June? Sure seems like I’m on a winter vacation right now. I’m sitting in a log cabin while it continues to snow, snow, snow. Yellowstone is closed. Yes, closed.

So here we sit in a lodge built in the 1920s with people all over the country who have tried to get into the East Entrance of Yellowstone only to be told it’s a no go for now. There’s the fam from Virginia with the mom who could pass as my twin. She didn’t pack one cold weather item so she’s out here wearing flip flops making fun of herself, wanting to call her friends to laugh with them – or so they can laugh at her. But she can’t find one pocket of cell phone coverage so she’s foaming at the mouth. So like me.

Then there’s the man from Florida who lost his wife last year who decided to drive through the US with a work buddy. When he got up to leave the lodge, he said, “Remember to keep Jesus in your heart.”

There are the ranch hands – young guys from Cody – who have befriended our kids and dared them to run from the lodge down the gravel road while they time them. I love these guys for helping these monkeys to burn some energy. Right now, however, the monkeys are acting like refined young men, playing chess – except for the occassional times they burp aloud or call each other “idiot.”

Mike is the guy who owns this lodge and the surrounding cabins. He’s dealing with all sorts of stranded travelers, feeding them, letting them use his WiFi, his phone, his coffee and hot chocolate.

Virginia Mom just called home from the front desk at the lodge and apparently there is 120 degree heat index where they live. Yet, they huddle here in the snowy mountains of Wyoming right now. Crazy stuff.

Here are a few pix from our last couple days here. Check out the Quote of the Day page to see what my youngest said today.

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