It’s LAKE time!

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of lake season. Our family has a lakehouse that is located in a beautiful southern Indiana area, which I think is the best kept secret in our state.

Being on the water melts nearly all the worries of life away, not to mention the fun we have watching the kids tube and testing our skiing and hopefully wakeboarding skills. That is my goal this summer – learn to wakeboard.

The lakehouse HAS to be the best investment my dad has ever made, although it means the most work, too. My two older brothers (4 and 6 years older than me) and their families, along with my parents and my family… and any other friends we may have asked to join us, get to spend a weekend together, sharing meals, stories and making new memories. As the way overused phrase goes: It is priceless. If you’ve had the good fortune to grow up with the summer lake experience, you know I can’t capture the wonderment in words. I’ll post a few pictures below and I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of them as the summer rolls on.

top to bottom:

Playing in the sand for hours. I love seeing their imaginations cranked up to full gear.

Noah and his friend go on treasure hunt at the dam.

Jaden pretending he’s been shot and falling into lake. Asher and cousin attached at the hip as they play on the tube.

Boat decorated for 4th of July parade. Yes, you must wear the hat to ride in the boat!

Our friends taking the SeaDoo out for a spin.

Tubing, tubing and more tubing.

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