Ten things I love about my mom

10. She let me cut my hair like Dorthy Hamill even though it made me look like a little, white boy with an afro.

9. She taught me the fine art of shopping.

8. She can laugh at herself.

7. She can cook amazing meals which express care and love for her family.

6. She is generous with her time and resources.

5. She encouraged me in every activity, whether it was sports, school or singing – she was always willing to drive me here and there and attend all my activities.

4. She loves my kids and gives them tons of attention, which is a priceless gift to them and to me.

3. She has been a pillar of strength for my dad throughout their lives together – when he was in the Air Force, while he traveled with Eli Lilly, through sickness and as empty-nesters who enjoy life together.

2. She has shown me what lifetime friendship looks like – with her friends and now with her own children.

1. Everytime I am sad, I know I can call her for comfort. All she has to say is “Hi, Lynn,” and I am in tears. Sometimes that’s all I need to hear. Her voice saying my name.

I love you, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

(picture taken Christmas, 2007)

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