It Started With A Burp

I’m still growing into this whole idea of parenting all boys. I love it when I get to watch my friends little girls for a while. Pink dresses, flowery sandals, pigtails and quiet voices. On Friday I had my friends’ two little girls. They are the sweetest, little things. Smallest Blondie fell asleep while her big sister (4, I think) sat quietly in the back next to my 5-year-old son. I took them through the McDonald’s drive thru to loosen them up a bit before we went to play outside.

After a few sips of Sprite, my son lets out a belch that a sumo wrestler would have been proud of. That’s all it took to break the ice. With the little one asleep, Big Sister laughed so hard she started snorting. After that the two (my son, their daughter) were two peas in a pod. Son acted silly. Girl laughed hard. We completed our time together with a little two on one soccer game. Boy against Girls. Boy won. But we put out a good effort, in between leaping on and off the swing and dancing around flowers and sliding down the little jungle gym. Boy scored a few goals while weren’t exactly on the field.

Little Blondie woke up just as we were headed back to meet their Mommy. I loved having my girl time and I was proud that my boy had taught them a thing or two, like how to score in soccer when no one is looking and how to use a stick as a lightsaber. When Big Sister got into their family’s van, she looked at me, smiled her sweet smile, and let out a belch that made my eyes well up with tears of pride.

Only time will tell if her parents are as proud. I guess I’ll wait to see if they ask me to watch the girls again. I hope so. We have a lot more to share!

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