How I Celebrate Earth Day… Everyday

So yesterday was Earth Day, right? What’s the big deal? I do my part every day. These are all things you can implement in your own homes and communities to say, “I care. I’m doing my part.”

Here are the top ten ways I do my part everyday:

1. I walk to the mailbox instead of driving. (My husband asked if I ever actually drove to the mailbox or even considered it. “Well, no. But that’s beside the point. I COULD if I wanted to, right? But I don’t drive. I walk. Hence I am saving our earth from the terrible emissions that I COULD be churning into the air IF I did drive.)

2. I carpool to school. I know what you’re thinking. ‘You only take your own children to school.’ Yes, but if we lived in California any car with more than one person in it can drive in the carpool lane. So there.

3. I don’t iron. Can you imagine how much energy I am saving by wearing wrinkled clothing?

4. Our children do not flush the toilet for days on end, saving gallons of water. Now if we can find a way to manage the smell we could possibly go a few days longer before flushing.

5. We only clean our carpets once every…hmmm… we never clean our carpets unless we’re putting our house on the market. Again, this saves the environment from harsh chemicals.

6. We forget to feed our hamsters so they eat each other. This eliminates the need to purchase an excess of animal products which aren’t particularly earth friendly, or so I hear.

7. We collect the trash found at our lakehouse dam and make art with it. You can’t imagine what you can make when you find an empty worm tub, part of a raft and some fish bones. Seriously.

8. We practice the quiet game in our car which cuts down on the horrible toxins coming from the mouths of children that forget to brush their teeth. Cutting down on toxic air is a priority.

9. We use a remote-control fart machine for pranks instead of plugging in another electronic gadget.

10. My friend over at says that NOT wearing underwear does NOT count for ways to save the earth. Well, listen here Mr. You Know Who You Are… Having four boys means lots of well, uh, streaks on the tighty whities. It takes a lot of effort to get those stains out, and sometimes they need to go through the washer two or three times. Going commando for a few days here and there reduces my laundry pile as well as the need for extra detergent and loads of water. So, I disagree. NOT wearing underwear DOES count.

For those of you who think you are not “GREEN”, look again. Like me, I’ll bet you’re doing your part in more ways than you ever imagined. I’d love to stay and blog away but I need to gear up for the walk to the mailbox.

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2 thoughts on “How I Celebrate Earth Day… Everyday

  1. Julie Saxe

    I laughed out loud at:

    Our children do not flush the toilet for days on end, saving gallons of water. Now if we can find a way to manage the smell we could possibly go a few days longer before flushing.

    I’m so glad to hear that there are more families who have this issue as well. Pretty regularly we are known to say, “Honey, what’s that smell?” After checking the usual spots (our own underarms, the other person’s feet and in corners and under beds) we end up in the bathroom with a “Oh, NICE! Who didn’t flush the toilet?”

    I’m glad to know we can count this as being green. Way to look at the positive!

  2. I was summoned to come here and read your counter-argument to Murph’s “no underwear” thing.

    As a father of two who are still getting the hang of using the restroom in a timely and thorough manner, I’m curious how your underwear-free proposition would actually stop the streaks from just getting on the pants instead of the underwear?

    The not-flushing thing… I just can’t see that happening at our house. It may save water, but there’s got to be a negative consequence to leaving waste sitting in stagnant water beyond just the smell. Why not just pull their little potty chair up to a window sill?

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