Mother Teresa Wisdom

It’s out last day full day of vacation. Before I head out for my rollerblading adventure I read from the book I borrowed from the pool shelter.

Mother Teresa’s words were so simple, yet so right on. Here are two of the devotional entries that kick my butt.

At the Home for the Dying in Kalighat, a vistor wondered at the peace that pervaded everywhere. I said simply: God is here. Castes and creeds mean nothing. It does not matter that they are not of my faith.

The other one I loved was this one:

HOmelessness is not of bricks but homelessness comes from that terrible loneliness that the unwanted, the unloved know along the way. Are we there? Do we know them? Do we see them?

The first quote is sooooo good for me. When I am serving God, I am serving God. I am not serving a Muslim or a Mormon or a Christian. I am serving God and his loved ones. So I kick this whole notion out the window that it’s my business to worry about someone else’s faith or belief. That doesn’t release me from evangelizing, but it means something totally different when I do it out of a sincere love for God and gratitude for Jesus. Certainly I pray for all people. But the “you’re in… you’re out” pressure is not my business. God is so much more concerned for their hearts and souls. I will just be about serving whoever he puts into my path. At least I’ll try.

The second quote means that each of us is homeless at one time or another. At least most of us have felt these feelings. We may not be unwanted or unloved – at least not truly. But there are many times that if we are honest we have felt that way. So if we treat one another as if we are that homeless and fragile, wouldn’t we reach out to one another with a pureness of heart and a bit more tenderness? Oh such a good reminder to see with God’s eyes, to pray for His insight and His love to come out of us rather than walking around thinking everyone has it all together and everyone with a house, a family, a car, an education… is a-okay. Because quite frankly some of those walking fashion plates and intellectuals are the most homeless of us all. Enough of my rantings for today. And please know that I write this mainly to remind MYSELF not to be preachy preachy.

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One thought on “Mother Teresa Wisdom

  1. If you are interested in learning more about Mother Teresa’s wisdom, I have written a book, Mother Teresa: The Case for The Cause. My book is an intensively researched book exploring the faith and morals of Mother Teresa as compared to Catholic and Christian standards. My book is also unique in that there is no book currently in print that explores the faith Mother Teresa practiced in light of the faith she professed.

    Peace & Grace,
    Mark M Zima

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