Gratitude keeps me sane. I am aware that life is a gift with so many blessings. As I wrote in my little Israelite ramblings earlier, when I am grateful I feel the presence of God without having to run to idols to get my “happy” fix. So here are ten things I am thankful for today:

1. Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine! I took a walk with my friend today and let it all soak in to my pores.

2. A husband who said, “No matter what, I will love you.” Then I said, “Even if I do stupid things?” He responded, “You already have and I still love you.”

3. Four amazing boys who live life to the fullest each day until their little eyes just have to close.

4. Friends who share their hearts with me, and allow me to share my heart with them.

5. The chance to work and use the skills God has given me.

6. A school where my kids are learning more than the foundations of the three ‘Rs… where they learn what it’s like to think and reflect and be who they are meant to be.

7. That my family of origin is still around – both physically and emotionally.

8. A church we love, with a body of people who are really seeking God’s heart.

9. Forgiveness.

10. Coffee. Preferably the latest discovery – Americano… as long as I watch the number of shots. Yikes.

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