I am an Israelite

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again… I know nothing of true poetic verse and meter and all that good stuff. But once in a while I feel so compelled to write poetry. I’m having one of those moments. So here it goes. Enjoy it. Hate it. I just had to write it b/c it’s part of me.

I am an Israelite

There’s nothing new
in drawing comparisons
and finding self in the
life of a wandering Israelite.

I’ve heard the story
in church
in Bible studies
in random places…
at random times.

But today

the story is mine.
I am no longer the spectator.
I am a participant,
A character in the drama.

I am an Israelite
slave to the Egyptians,
toiling in a land
where I do not belong.

I am an Israelite
longing to be free,
as my advocate
-like Moses for His people-
pleads on my behalf,
to let me go.

I am an Israelite
who lives to see the day
when God leads me out of slavery
guided by his pillar of cloud by day
and his fire at night.

I am an Israelite
in awe of his miracles
like the parting of the Red Sea
so I can find refuge
from those who pursue me.

I am an Israelite
so easily forgetting those miracles,
suddenly discontented
when my life is not what I
think it should be, want it to be.

I am an Israelite
who stomps my feet
and demands water from rocks
and better food from heaven
who neither trusts God’s provisions
or sees the goodness in what he gives.

I am an Israelite
who always wants more
who cries out in bitterness
and wanders in confusion
as a blind man with scales covering my eyes.

I am an Israelite
ruled by my self-centered fear
my self-imposed rules
my greed and ungrateful heart.

I am an Israelite
who so easily forgets
all God has given and
all he has promised
when the going gets rough
and my heart is deceived.

I am an Israelite
so quick to hand over my gold
as did the ones who grumbled after
Moses left to commune with God on that mountain.

I am an Israelite
so quick to kneel down to idols
like the one Aaron helped fashion
like the golden calf so ridiculously unworthy.

I am an Israelite
who wanted something more to fill me
something to make me whole
in my loneliness and dark nights.

I am an Israelite
who wanted every need met,
every discomfort relieved,
every problem made right.

I am an Israelite
whom God calls with a beckoning love
to wake me from the lies I have hidden in darkness
and untangle the webs I have sewn around my depraved heart.

There’s nothing new to this story
as it occurs century upon century
as God continues to bring light to darkness
and frees the captives from prisons of their own making.

But today the story is mine
as he restores me back to the life
he intended for me
back to the life where his glory is revealed.

Today the story is mine
as he melts my idols of gold
to a burning river of minerals
to serve as a holy reminder.

Today the story is mine
as I am reminded that walking too close
to the edge of that river
means I can fall into its lava-like current
where I will burn in the waves of deception.

Today the story is mine
as God continues to reveal
that he is the author of life
of all things good like joy and peace
mercy and forgiveness

Today the story is mine
as I enter into the redemptive life
that life that has been resurrected
and made new within the life of his Son,
where I dwell in Him and He dwells in me.

Today the story is mine
as truth illuminates the pathway
toward the promised land,
where I will arrive tattered and torn
but made new and whole.

Today I live the story.
the story of the Israelites;
the story of me;
the story of God;
The story.

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