Happy Birthday, Asher

One of the hard things about having four children is that you inevitably leave one of them out with something. There’s always something that’s not fair. I wrote the thing for Noah and read it to him. Then Asher said, “Why didn’t you write one for me?” Oops.

So here it is, my little 7 year old. I am so glad you were born. I love your smile and the sweet way you cuddle up to me. You are your Papa’s best buddy and I love watching my son and my dad connecting. You have an amazing ability to put things together and figure out how things work. You have a tender heart and you are a huge blessing to me and to the people who come into your life. I am proud to be your mom. You light up my world, and my prayer is that the light in you will shine for Jesus and that your gentle spirit will attract others to His love.

Happy Birthday, my little man.

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One thought on “Happy Birthday, Asher

  1. Glynis Langenhoven

    Asher –

    My favourite memory of you is when I met you for the first time a few years ago and everytime I said your name you corrected me. It wasn’t that I got your name wrong – it just sounded wrong because of my South African accent – our “er” sounds like an “a” – so I would say Asha and you would immediately say back “it’s AshER – ER!!!”

    I think you are a cutie pie and I almost bought you home with me!! But I just knew your mom would miss you too much!!

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