Embarrassing Moments

Today I went to a book study with a friend. Before they start a discussion, they read the chapter aloud together, taking turns with each paragraph. It came to me and I started reading. I am fairly comfortable reading aloud in a group. However, I had just come from the eye doctor and my eyes were still dialated. I was stumbling over all kinds of words and I started to get nervous. The best part of my reading happened, however, when I came to a phrase which said: “this may explain the erratic behavior…” but I said: “this may explain the erotic behavior.” Everyone erupted into laughter and I am sure I turned a bright shade of magenta.

Not sure I’ll be visiting that book study with my friend again.

More embarrassing moments later. I’ve got some good ones… and you never know when I might tell on you!

Okay one more…

In college some of the girls were watching the Wizard of Oz, and one of the girls had never seen it before. After the tornado scene, somewhere along the yellow brick road, one of the girls in our dorm asked: “Is this a true story?” My roommate chimed in: “Uh, there’s a TINMAN and a talking SCARECROW.” The girl laughed and said, “Oh yeah. I guess it’s not then, right?” That would have been about the time I faked that I was kidding all along.

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One thought on “Embarrassing Moments

  1. Glynis Langenhoven

    Okay, here is the correct version of this story….Lynn is either being kind or she really was having an ADD day!!!

    In college I went on a date with a boy named Tim – he had transferred to our college our junior year – he was from Kansas – during dinner I asked him about Kansas and he asked me if I had ever seen “The Wizard of OZ” – and I replied, “Yes I have – was that a true story?” The Wizard thing should have tipped me off – but when he replied, “there was a tinman and a talking scarecow” – then it all came back to me – at warp speed!!!

    He never asked me out again!

    I also have another story about Elton John’s song “Yellow Brick Road”….but I’m going to leave you hanging on that one….this is, after all, Lynnie Lynn’s blog!!!!

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