Happy Birthday, Noah!

My first baby is 11 today. He is an amazing human being. He is funny. Smart. Cute. Sensitive. Entertaining. Helpful. Curious. Honest. Loyal.  Creative. God’s gift to me and to his dad and to so many others. My prayer for him is that he will grow up to be a man who seeks and finds a God who loves him and whom he trusts for all things. I pray for all of his hope to be tied into His Creator and His Saviour and His Counselor.

Happy Birthday to my amazing son, whom I love dearly. You are a treasure and you bring me so much joy.

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One thought on “Happy Birthday, Noah!

  1. Teri

    I can’t believe he is 11. Wow how the years have gone by. I still remember getting a call on that snowy day and telling mom (nana) that I don’t care how bad it was out- I was driving to Indy to meet my new nephew. Unfortunately she won and I had to wait a day… We love you and are proud to be your aunt and uncle (and cousin)! Happy Birthday Noah-Teri, Dan, and Casey

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