10 ways to feel like a guilty mom

1. Catch your child’s cold and stay in bed so he has to get his own cereal.

2. Forget to take your child to his friend’s birthday party.

3. Don’t give him the latest electronic “toy” on the market.

4. Stay at home this week instead of going to the Children’s Museum.

5. Give him an apple for a snack instead of the Little Debbie snack his friends get.

6. Forget to wash your son’s football uniform so he has to go to his game with grass stained pants and jersey.

7. Sign your child up for one sport this spring instead of the usual two or three or more.

8. Let your children watch T.V. for an hour one afternoon while you watch Oprah in the other room.

9. Run out of gas two blocks from school causing your child to be late to school.

10. Do something for yourself – like a manicure at the spa, a night out with friends or even a movie with your husband and don’t talk about your kids the whole time.

Maybe I’m talking from experience. Maybe not. Regardless, sometimes I just feel guilty that I’m a loser mom who doesn’t do enough, nurture enough, spend enough, invest enough, teach enough, love enough. Lord, save me from my shortcomings and give my children what they need anyway.

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