My blog has changed…

I don’t know what I’m doing with this whole blog thing but you may have noticed a change. I was never quite happy with that last theme, so I’m trying a new look.

In honor of the upcoming season, I have added a different photo. This is from the top of… hmmm, maybe lift 4… in Telluride, CO. Bret and I LOVE, love, love Telluride. It’s magical and healing and majestic. When I took this photo, I put my gloves on my poles and got out my camera in the bitter, cold wind. I didn’t have myself planted and as the wind blew, I blew with it. I mean the wind actually started blowing me toward the rope – meaning the out of bounds rope – as in the don’t cross this and ski here or you’ll cause an avalanche and die rope. So, I took the photo, grabbed my poles, planted myself in place and put my gloves back on my numb fingers. I have so many other pix. I’ll have to post a link to those soon. But for now, dream of a perfect little town called Telluride with me, where the snowflakes are bigger, the town quieter and the people friendlier, not to mention the food yummier and the scenery beautifulier (i KNOW it’s not a word, just play along, okay?!)

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