Frustration w/blogosphere

Yes, my blog looks different b/c every time I try to add a new picture to the other theme I had, it reverted back to the original. Not to mention I have written about 5 versions of the “About” section and they all disappear. No where to be found. No draft. No saved version even after I have saved and edited and saved again and published. Ahhhhh!  Any wisdom as to why this might be happening? I tried to go to “support,” but they’re closed. Honestly, who closes the support part of their website? I’m trying again for now. At the top, you’ll see my little pumpkin heads. You’ll notice they all have scarrrrry teeth and a couple are even barfing! You can only imagine how fun it was to make pumpkins throw up their insides. It’s a weird world with four boys. Never dull. I’ll post later but just want to see if this works.

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