My husband is FORTY!

I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal… 40. But it kinda freaked me out. Everyone at my husband’s  office wore black. They had black balloons and napkins and cakes with R.I.P. signs on them. Our friends decorated our driveway with signs that said “40” all up and down the sides. I wanted to tell everyone passing the house that it wasn’t me turning 40. I’m still in my 30s, I would tell them. No one asked, and I’m sure no one cared.

 He had a great day though and our family loved on him so much. We gave him lots of affirmation about what an amazing guy he is. More on that later because there’s a story there. I just had to shout it out again to let it sink in… BRET IS FORTY!

My son, Eli, kept saying, “Lordy, Lordy, Daddy’s 40.” Then after he had said it a few hundred times, he stopped and said, “How do I know that rhyme? And why am I saying it?” Funny how kids just talk to talk sometimes and then pause when they “come to.” 

I always thought “40” wouldn’t be a big deal b/c we have so many friends who have crossed over that bridge before us, and they’re still pretty cool. But it does sound older. Maybe I’m scared that it means I have to really grow up. Maybe when I visit the kids at recess I won’t be allowed to chase them and make them into pretzels. Maybe my hippie chick days will have to come to an end. I’ll have to wear mom clothes and get  a mom hair cut when I turn 40. Oh gosh, what is this crazy talk? I’m tired and I’m not the one turning “40”…. YET. My time will come and when it does, I will deny I ever said any of this. Got it?  Forty is no big deal, right? Right. 

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2 thoughts on “My husband is FORTY!

  1. Glynis Langenhoven

    Hey Bertrant……

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had an awesome day.

    Miss you and think of you often – actually I miss and think of Lynn more – but since you are married to her I miss and think of you too!!!


  2. Congrats on 40! I thought of you on Claire’s birthday this past week since you came to the hospital to deliver her on YOUR birthday. Dr. Bret made many sacrifices for our family (especially me). 40 ain’t bad. I’m at 43, and me and my 44 year old friend from church ran a 5k on Labor Day.

    Press On!

    Dave and Jodi and the 7 kidlets.

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