First OFFICIAL post here

As I wrote earlier, I started this post elsewhere, but this is my first post here on “lynn’s addiction.” I may be the only one who ever reads this… and my parents because they have to. That’s what parents do. They read all your stuff and think it’s brilliant and even if they don’t think it’s brilliant they tell you it’s brilliant and that you are brilliant and they must be brilliant for raising such a brilliant child.

 If you check out the About section, you will see my cute, cute family… My foxy husband, Bret, who turns… shhhhhh… forty tomorrow!!!! OHMYGOSH. I’m married to a forty-year-old! And then there’s Noah, who looks cross-eyed in that picture. He’s not; but he is ten. Need I say more?. Eli is 8 in that picture but just turned nine a week ago. Asher, 6, is in the orange shirt next to curly-headed Jaden, who is 5. All such a  joy… most of the time. Oh the stories I can tell. Every mom has them. For tonight, I’ll share one of Jaden.

He has such a constipation problem. For days he was trying to poop but couldn’t get anything substantial out. Just a little liquid here and there. I say a little, but he was asking me to wipe his bottom about 25 times a day. That is no lie! I ran out of underwear and shorts for the poor little guy. I was tired the other day and he had asked for help in such a whine so many times, I couldn’t take it. “Moooooommmmy, wipe my booooottommmmm.” I turned to him and whined right back to him, “Jaaaaadeeeeeeen, why don’t you wipe myyyyyy bottom?” He looked at me so unaffected and said, “No, I can’t wipe your bottom. You’re not even an old lady yet.” Such insight for a little guy. I might add that we have no relatives or friends or strangers whose old rear has to be wiped so I have NO IDEA where he got that. But touche, anyway.

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