spring break pix

Below are posts from an old blog I had. I didn’t want the pix to go away so I transported them into this one. It was a blog I kept with my hubby’s family…. that’s why it sounds like I’m writing someone in particular.

We survived Spring Break with 20 of my (lynn’s) family members. I met my Aunt Jackie’s fiance, Jim. He’s a delight. So happy for them. We also got to hold my cousin Sue’s baby, Lleyton, a bunch. He fell asleep on me one day and I was in heaven!

Shawna, your cake for Landon is amazing! Wow. That’s impressive. Loved the army theme. Jaden wants a Star Wars party so we’re working on that, even though it’s still two months away. We opened our pool a couple days ago and Noah was the first brave one to jump in today. It was only about 69 or 70 and the water was cold but they had fun anyway. Eli braved it and Asher got in just to his belly and then got back out. Jaden and I were only foot swimmers. Here are some of our pictures from Florida. The sunset was taken from a CAtamaran that Bret, Steve, Kim and I took from Naples City Dock to the Gulf. So much fun. The fritos on the beach are what we used for communion on Easter Sunday. 🙂

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