Today was a better day as far as the snow is concerned. We were actually able to get out and play for a longer period of time. We had a Valentine’s dinner together in the dining room and went around saying what we loved about each person. When it got to Jaden, he kept talking about what he loved about himself. “I have a cute smile. And I hug my brothers, and I make mommy and daddy happy.” It was so funny. Noah and Eli reminded him it’s not all about Jaden! It was sweet to hear what they said about one another. Most of it involved how they liked playing with each other. Asher would say, “Eli likes to play building with me and Noah lets me help him build forts.” Then when I was putting Noah and Eli to bed tonight, I asked them what they liked the best about staying home for snow days… and they couldn’t say it was because there was no school. Noah said, “Staying home with my family.” Eli agreed, but added playstation and our foosball tournament, too. Then I asked them, “If you guys could do one thing to help anyone in the world, what would it be?” Eli said, “i would find the poorest person in the world and make him not so poor anymore.” Noah said, “I would do something good for the worst person in the world or all the bad guys.” I asked him what he meant and he said, “I would tell them about Christ.” Is that not the coolest?! It was awesome to hear how my 10-year-old son wants to offer hope to the “worst” people in the world b/c even the worst people need to know their Creator and Savior. It was a really sweet ending to our day. Bret is not feeling so great though. He fell tonight and gashed his elbow. I could never be a nurse. I about threw up when I saw the hole in his arm. He’s in a lot of pain and I think he’ll see if he needs an x-ray tomorrow. Pray for him b/c whenever he hurts himself or gets sick, it flares up his MS.

Oh, and one more bit of news… my cousin, Sue, in NYC, had a baby boy today! HELLO!!! Another boy. So, on Spring Break there will be 10 boys and 2 girls! My cousin Steve has the other girl. So there’s their Ava and then Todd and Melissa’s Lydia. Well, here are some pix from today. The little things out there in the middle of the yard are our benches that go around our firepit. They are nearly covered all the way. The cross was from a ski pole. The boys wanted me to include that one. Keep warm!
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